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Concerns About Personal Safety

Many individuals may be fearful for their safety or the safety of their loved ones, whether they live in a high-crime area, have experienced violence before, or simply want to feel more confident in their ability to protect themselves and others. First Shield Defense addresses this by emphasizing focus on personal defense and the practical skills taught to help individuals feel safer and more in control.

Legal Uncertainty

For those who carry firearms for personal protection, there may be a lot of uncertainty and confusion around the legalities of self-defense, use of force, and other related issues. In our Apex Concealed Carry program, we specialize in responsible firearm use and legal education, ensuring that members are well-informed and prepared to make safe and legal decisions in any situation.

Lack of Confidence

Some individuals may be interested in personal defense but feel hesitant to pursue training due to a lack of confidence or experience with firearms or self-defense techniques. We can help by our beginner-friendly programs and experienced instructors who can provide guidance and support to help members build their skills and confidence.

Cost of Ammunition

The cost of regularly purchasing ammunition can quickly become expensive. This can prevent individuals from receiving the training they need to feel confident and prepared for self-defense situations. First Shield Defense addresses this by highlighting the use of the SIRT Training Pistol. This allows members to practice their defensive shooting skills in a safe and controlled environment, without the added expense of live rounds.

Firearms and Self-Defense Training for the Everyday Defender

Apex Firearm Classes

The IDS APEX program is a cutting-edge self-defense program that combines mental conditioning and physical training to transform you into a confident and capable defender. Our IDS APEX Certified instructors will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum that includes situational awareness, firearms training, and combative techniques. With the IDS APEX program, you'll gain the mindset and skillset you need to take control of any situation.

Nomad Krav Maga®

Nomad Krav Maga® at First Shield Defense is the most modern and comprehensive iteration of Krav Maga. Our program combines the Krav Maga system with our 6 Methods of Combat, including striking, grappling, firearms, knife, stick, and conditioning, to create Nomad Mixed Combat System. Our expert instructors will teach you practical techniques for real-world self-defense situations.

Private Training

First Shield Defense's private training program is personalized for each individual's goals and needs. Expert instructors will guide you to achieve your desired skillset with a flexible schedule.

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I've been training here for a year now and love it! The instructors care about their members and love providing a safe, quality environment. I highly recommend FSD!

~ Sarah D.

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Gain more confidence, preparedness, and strength. You have a right to defend yourself; we're here to help. Schedule your free consultation today!


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